1.6 Update | Fishing, Hopper Filters & More

The 1.6 Update is now going live! Fishing, hopper filters, new invisibility mechanics, and community suggestions!

1.6 Update | Fishing, Hopper Filters & More

Hello everyone!

I know we've been a little bit quiet at the moment, but I can assure you that we're hard at work in the background!

The 1.6 update will bring fishing, hopper filters, new invisibility mechanics, and some suggested changes & additions from the community!


We've added a whole fishing mechanic to all servers where you can /warp Fishing and fish in the lake! You're able to catch different variants of fish: bronze, silver, gold, diamond, platinum, and mythical.

Be careful though - PvP is enabled at the fishing warp. You may want to go invisible (read more further down)!

Selling, Weighing, and Gutting Fish

You can sell your catches through the /fish menu. Place your catches into the GUI and close it. You will be paid based upon the type of fish you have caught.

If you're feeling lucky, you can take your catches to the scales where they can be weighed to find out their true weight. Heavier fish will sell for more than lighter fish, so you could earn less than just selling your catches, but you also have a chance to earn more!

Place your catches into the GUI and select a risk from low to extreme. Each risk have a chance of profit from weighing your fish and a +/- percentage bound for the true price of the fish. The higher the risk, the more likely you are not to profit from weighing, but you also have the highest percentage bound for the price of the fish (higher the risk, higher the reward).

You can gut fish in the gutting station to earn entropy. Entropy is a currency that you can use to purchase fish delivery upgrades and add/remove augments from your fishing rod (read more further down). Place your catches into the gutting station and click the nether star.

Fish Deliveries

Deliveries are one of the key ways to earn money and entropy. You will get a delivery, by default, for every 180 fish that you catch. Deliveries are like mini-quests which require you to catch certain fish.

You can purchase upgrades to enhance your fish deliveries.

Fishing Skills

You can unlock and upgrade fishing skills that will enhance your fishing. You will earn skill points and fishing levels by fishing.

Upgradable skills can be upgraded using skill points. One-time purchase skills can be unlocked with skill points, but will then level up with your fishing level.


Augments are enchantments for your fishing rod that give you extra perks whilst fishing. Augments require a certain fishing level to be able to access them which increases for the more OP augments.

Augments can be added to a fishing rod more than once to increase the affect of it!

Note: Augments are not currently available, but will be available in the near future.

Fishing Tournaments

Tournaments occur periodically at /warp Fishing. There are four different tournament types where all players can take part.

Longest Fish: The player to catch the longest fish within the time frame will win.

Most Catches: The player to catch the most fish within the time frame will win.

Lucky Catch: The first player to catch a platinum fish within the time frame will win.

Random Catch: The first player to catch the randomly chosen fish within the time frame will win.

Note: You can check when the next tournament will occur by executing /ft time.

Hopper Filters

You can now add a filter to your hoppers by shift + left clicking any hopper you own. Add the items you want to filter to the GUI and select either the whitelist or blacklist mode.

Whitelist mode: Only items that are in the hopper filter will be picked up by the hopper.

Blacklist mode: Only items that are not in the hopper filter will be picked up by the hopper.

You can then click the barrier in the hopper filter to view the hopper settings. Here you can make your hopper filter private (it is public by default), but you can add friends to your hopper filters to allow them to manage it.

New Invisibility Mechanics

When you use a potion of invisibility, your armour will also become invisible. This can be incredibly useful if you're wanting to fish and avoid combat, however,  items you hold in your hand and fishing line will not be!

If you get hit or engage in combat whilst you are invisible, you will become visible for a few seconds before turning invisible again.

Other Changes based on Suggestions

[Oneblock] Removed saplings, stone, and wood from the Epic crate.
[Oneblock] Added rewards of $5,000 and an Epic crate key for capturing the KOTH.
[Network] Added the /unglow command to tier 6 ranks.
[Network] Added a sell price to Bone Meal.
[Network] Added Single Use Safari Nets to the OP Crate.
[Network] Changed fly time rewards from chat reaction events to give fly time vouchers.
[Network] Disabled item dropping around the crates area to avoid players maliciously filling up players' inventories.
[Network] Added Green, Magenta, and Cyan chat colours to /c store.
[Network] Added End Rods to the shop.