Battle Pass Release

Level up your Battle Pass by completing quests and daily missions to unlock exclusive rewards!

Battle Pass Release

The Battle Pass is our latest addition to MineAlong! The Battle Pass will introduce daily missions and weekly quests to the Earth and Oneblock. Completing these missions and quests will give you points to level up your Battle Pass. As you level up your Battle Pass, you will receive exclusive rewards including custom swords and pickaxes!

Different quests and rewards will be added to the Battle Pass over time. Expect more to be added. If you would like any specific rewards to be added to the Battle Pass, use Discord for suggestions.

Progress that you make will sync across the network meaning that any quest progress you make on one server will carry over to other servers.

To access the Battle Pass menu, type /bp.

There are currently 9 tiers to the Battle Pass with each tier giving better rewards. You can claim the rewards after you rank up through the rewards menu. There are two different types of Battle Pass: Free and Premium. All players have access to the Free Battle Pass and all players with a donator rank will have access to the Premium Battle Pass. The Premium Battle Pass provides more rewards, but players with the Free Battle Pass can still receive custom items!

Quests are released in weeks, meaning that you will receive new quests every week. Quests from previous weeks will be locked when a new week starts on a Sunday. Select a week to view the quests and your progress.

Daily missions will also get you points upon completion. They will refresh every 24 hours.