Earth Blue Release

View this article about MineAlong's new website, our plans for it, and news about the upcoming release of the Earth Blue server!

Earth Blue Release

➮ MineAlong's New Website

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our new website! We'll be posting our announcements via this page from now on and sharing the articles through Discord.

This will be our central portal, where over the next few weeks, you'll find a lot more guides for the server! Our aim is to have articles for all major features so that our players can have the best experience!

➮ Earth Blue Release

I'm excited to announce the release of our Earth Blue realm on Wednesday 26th May at 3PM EST/8PM BST!


♦ What's changed?

Quite a bit! We have some great updates for you with this new Earth realm.

❙ Claiming

We're moving to a whole new claiming system, Lands, which is a menu-based system, so it will be a lot easier for you to manage your claims. There are also a LOT more features!


You can add trusted members to your claims to allow them to build and interact with certain things. You can set the role of a player in your land and configure what each role is able to do in the area.


Got an enemy? Declare WAR on them to settle it! The loser of the war will have to pay a set fee to surrender, unless the war ends naturally.


You can create sub-claims (areas) within your claim and set taxes for the individual sub-claims. You can then add trusted members to sub-claims that will allow them to build and interact with certain things within that area and not your whole claim.


Read about the claiming system here!

❙ Spawner Crate

To help reduce lag and promote a different style of ecomony, we've removed spawners from the Earth world and added the highly popular spawner crate from the Oneblock server!

You are able to purchase keys with credits, but for our players who like to grind, you can also purchase a key for this crate with your accruing XP levels.


❙ Live Map

We've gone with a bit of a different live map for Earth Blue! You'll still be able to see the Earth map along with a live location of all players on the map. To get to the map, you can use the direct link or use the /map command on the Earth Blue server.


View the live map here!

♦ What else is to offer?

  • Player Warps
  • Custom Enchantments
  • Jobs
  • Credits Store
  • Free Fly Time
  • Rankups

➮ Earth Blue Ranks

With the launch of Earth Blue, we'll be releasing a new batch of ranks that will provide you with some cool in-game perks! You can pre-order these at and receive them as soon as Earth Blue opens!

Remember: Purchasing one of these ranks will give you priority queuing for all servers!