MineAlong 1.3 Update

MineAlong's 1.3 update including our new mecha vehicles, performance updates, and community involvement!

MineAlong 1.3 Update

Evening everyone, I hope you're all having a good time! I'm excited to announce that we will be releasing the MineAlong 1.3 update tomorrow at 4 PM EST!

➮ Mechas

We're adding some awesome new vehicles to the game called "mechas"! A mecha is a large robot that you can enter to control and shoot lasers out of at your enemies!

See Owner Projecki destroying the Earth world here!

You'll be able to obtain mechas through the Vehicle Crate! For the weekend only, there will be a higher than usual percentage chance of winning a mecha from the crate!

➮ Player Experience

If you weren't already aware, we've just had a serious server upgrade which has not only allowed us to hold more players, but also to ensure that the gameplay experience is top notch! We've seen some fantastic improvements in server performance recently.

We're continuing to make back-end adjustments to make sure you have the smoothest experience on MineAlong.

➮ Community

We've got some really exciting news about more community-based involvement coming to you all in the next few days. Make sure to watch the announcements channel in Discord for more information coming soon!