MineAlong 1.5 Update

The 1.15 Update is now going live! Nether resets, minions on Earth realms, resetting Oneblock island phases, chunk loaders, and more!

MineAlong 1.5 Update

Hi all,

Really excited to announce the 1.5 update that we've been working on in the background! It's got some really cool features that a lot of you have been requesting for quite some time now.

Please note that certain parts of the update will not be live until the servers automatically restart overnight.

Nether Reset

The Nether has been reset on the Earth servers, so you've all got a fresh Nether realm to explore!

From here on in, we'll be resetting the Nether monthly with the next reset being on the 1st November 2021 since we're very close to the start of October.

Minions on Earth

That's right - Minions on Earth realms! We've added the same system from our Oneblock realms where you obtain Minions from the Minion crate which yields three rewards. Minion crate keys can be purchased from the Credits Store or be purchased with XP through the Crate Merchant.

Lumberjacks - the lumberjack axes down trees and replants saplings.

Farmers - the farmer will harvest all nearby crops.

Slayers - slayers will not rest until all nearby mobs have been slaughtered.

Fishers - fishers will start fishing in pools of water within range.

Feeders - feeds all minions within range to keep them working.

Oneblock Island Phase Reset

The ability to reset your island phase - a highly requested feature from our Oneblock players!

You are now able to reset your island phase to a phase that you have surpassed to benefit from previous ranges of blocks from your magic block.

This does mean that if you go ahead and reset to a previous island phase, you will have to progress back to your current phase and this action cannot be undone, though resetting your island phase is completely voluntary!

To reset your island phase, open the /island menu and choose the Phase Reset option.

The menu will display any phases that your island has surpassed and allow you to reset to the beginning of that phase. Any phases that you have not surpassed (inclusive of your current phase) will have their resets locked.

Note: Only the island leader has the ability to reset the island's phase.

Chunk Loaders

Wanting to leave your land, but don't want to stop grinding? Chunk Loaders are your solution! They keep your chunks loaded even when you're not around.

Chunk Loaders are obtainable from the Vote Crate and Epic Crate on all realms. Chunk Loaders that you win from crates have an expiry time of either 1 day or 7 days.

You can purchase permanent chunk loaders from the Credits Store to permanently keep your chunks loaded.

Single Chunk Loaders will keep the chunk that the loader is placed in loaded, where Double Chunk Loaders can also keep all chunks next to the main chunk loaded too!

Other Changes

[Network] Added an OP Bow to the OP Crate.

[Network] Added a Booster Bow and Booster Hoe to the /kit Booster for Discord server boosters.

[Network] Added more prizes to the chat reaction game.

[Network] Added a new enchantment called Blackout where players have a chance to give their opponents temporary blindness on attack.

[Earth & Oneblock] Increased the item frame limit from 15 to 25.

[Earth] Upgraded the miscellaneous rewards in the Vehicle Crate.

[Earth] Increased the price of Prismarine Crystals and Prismarine Shards from $0.01 to $0.20.

[Oneblock] Added Sweet Berries to the shop rotation.