[Oneblock 1.2.0 Update] Minions, Envoys & QOL Updates

Read about the Oneblock 1.2.0 update introducing envoys, minions and other QOL updates!

[Oneblock 1.2.0 Update] Minions, Envoys & QOL Updates

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our first website update where we will be annoucing new features to our Oneblock realms. Please keep your eyes on the website for exciting news and announcements in the weeks ahead.

➮ Launch Date

On Friday June 4th at 3PM EST (8PM BST) we will launch minions and envoys across the MineAlong Oneblock realms, Pink and Yellow.

Our events team will also be running some games and giving away awesome prizes to the winners shortly after the release, so make sure your online.

➮ Envoys

To encourage combat we will running a daily envoy event at our PvP warp's across our Oneblock network;

  • at 3:30PM EST (7:30PM GMT) in Oneblock Yellow.
  • at 5:30PM EST (9:30PM GMT) in Oneblock Pink.

If you emerge victorious and click a precious envoy (they look like chests, pictured above), you will win one of many awesome prizes:

  • $500 to $2,5000 in-game cash.
  • 100 to 1,000 Experience (XP).
  • Iron, Gold and even Diamond blocks.
  • Vote Keys
  • Phantom Membranes
  • Stone, wood and other miscellaneous everyday objects.

Alternatively, if your unlucky - you could end up with a pile of dirt.

➮ Minions

Don't miss out - purchase Legendary/OP Key's and reap the benefits.

For the classy player, mining your OneBlock all day may be a laborious task. To allow you to focus on building, cooperating and PvP - a very special Helper is coming to MineAlong. Collect loot, chop wood, mine ores and farm crops all at once with the ultimate combination of minions.

Lumberjacks - the lumberjack axes down trees and replants saplings.

Farmers - the farmer will harvest all nearby crops.

Slayers - slayers will not rest until all nearby mobs have been slaughtered.

Miners - miners will break the block in front of them (can be upgraded to automatically smelt ores).

Fishers - fishers will start fishing in pools of water within range.

Feeders - feeds all minions within range to keep them working.

Collectors - will collect any items dropped within their range.

➮ Confirm Item Dropping (All Servers)

When dropping your Diamond or Netherite pickaxes, you will be asked to click your drop key again to confirm the action! No more accidently dropping your pickaxes!

➮ Coin Flips (All Servers)

We've added coin flips to all servers! You can bet a sum of money on either heads or tails and then other players will be able to accept your bet.

Use /cf to see all coin flip bets.