Prison Guide

Prison Guide

This guide will teach you all you need to know about our Prison server, including all of its different features and objectives.

➮ Entering the Prison

When you first enter the Prison you will receive your starter kit, this is all you need to get started on your journey through the various ranks and mines. To begin mining you will run the /warp command. This will present you with the following GUI.

Once the GUI is shown you will want to click the Diamond Ore block and then select your first mine. This is where it all begins!

➮ Into the Mines

The overall objective of Prisons is to progress through each of the different ranks by mining them up and selling their contents for money. This in turn will allow you to work towards different ranks, providing better blocks each time you level up that sell for higher amounts of money.

When you first begin any contents that you have mined will enter your Backpack, this is provided to you when you first join the server. You will have to sell the items within your backpack to gain money onto your balance, as shown below. You're limited to 1000 backpack slots when you begin, however can upgrade this through the credits store in-game.

➮ Ranking Up

Once you have sold the contents of your backpack and start to gain money, you can now look into your next rank-up! You can find out the required amount of money to do so by running the /rankup command.

When you have gathered the required amount of money to rank-up you can then execute the command again and move your way onto your next mine!

➮ Your Personal Pickaxe

Within your starter kit you are also presented with your very own base pickaxe! You are able to progress your pickaxe in many different ways, throughout ranking it up, adding new enchantments, shards and a lot more cool features. The more you mine, the more abilities you will be able to unlock. Once you have the pickaxe in your hand, you can shift + right click, or if you're on Bedrock you can run the command /pickaxe and it will provide you with the following GUI.

This GUI provides you everything in one place to progress your pickaxe, lets run through the features included..

Energy and Level Up

  • On your pickaxe you will notice you have an Energy Progress bar. You receive energy randomly whilst mining, this is what is used to level-up your pickaxe. If your energy bar becomes full during mining, you will be prompted in chat with a message to let you know that its time to level-up your pickaxe! This can be done by clicking the light blue dye displayed on the GUI.

Tokens and Enchants

  • Similar to how energy is received, when you're mining you will also have a chance to receive tokens. These tokens are used to purchase enchants for your pickaxe, along with upgrading those enchants to higher levels as you go along. Each enchant has different abilities in which will benefit you, its totally customisable as to how you want it to be!


  • Shards are an add on in which allows you to gain extra abilities on your pickaxe, including upgraded enchantment levels, and also individual skills like Auto Sell. Shards are obtainable in various different ways. When mining you have a chance to randomly earn them, you can also obtain them throughout crates, and are also able to purchase them on the credits store in-game. You can apply Shards through the Shards Menu on the GUI.


  • This feature will allow you to refund levels from enchants you have applied on your pickaxe, in which you will receive 60% of the Tokens you spent on the level in return. This will allow you to change things around and make your pickaxe fully customisable, along with being able to try enchants until you find ones that suit you!

Durability and Repair

  • On your pickaxe you will also notice that you have a Durability bar, this will show how much percentage your pickaxe has left before you need to repair it. If this bar reaches zero, you will be prompted to repair your pickaxe in chat. You can do this by clicking the Anvil in the pickaxe GUI, in which will refill your durability bar.

Enchant and Shard Slots

  • On your pickaxe you will notice you have an area for both Enchant and Shard slots. This is the amount of space you have to add these extras to your pickaxe. You can earn more of these slots whilst you are mining randomly, however if you apply the Treasure Hunter enchant, you will have a higher chance of finding these.

➮ PvP Mine

This mine is a high risk, high reward area. PvP is activated. A mine full of luxury ores which could extremely elevate your balance. Worth the risk?

Similar to the other mines, you can access the PvP mine through the /warp GUI.

➮ Prestige Mines

Once you have worked your way through ranks A-Z you are presented with the option to prestige for a sum of money. You can prestige by executing the /prestige command. From here onwards, you will be earning as much money as possible to progress through the prestige levels. In turn, you will then get access to prestige mines. These mines are accessible every 10 prestige levels with upgraded ores and blocks. Similar to other mines, they can be accessed through the /warp GUI.

➮ Cells

This is your own area in the Prison in which you're able to store items and customise however you desire, there are endless possibilities. When you first begin you will want to access the cell menu through the /warp command. From there, you will select the Iron Bars, to which you can then choose to create a new cell, or teleport to your current cell.

When you've created your new cell you will be instantly teleported there. From then onwards you would select the bed within the cells menu to return to your cell.

What if I've run out of space in my cell?

If you check out the in-game credits store there is two options in which could help you to upgrade and get more space within the Prison. You have the option to buy another cell, the same size as your current one, but completely empty. Along with this, you have the option to merge cells within the credits store, allowing you to connect the extra cells you have purchased into one large cell, providing endless space.

Adding Players to Cells and Visiting

You are able to add other players to your cells, and can also visit other peoples cells as well. To add a player to your cell, you run the command /cells add (playername) and to visit another players cell you run the command /cells visit (playername).

➮ Candy

Candies are in-game consumables in which can be eaten to provide you with different effects. Depending on the situation there may be a candy that is more suitable to eat. For example, a candy that provides Haste whilst mining in the PvP mine so you can gather as much materials as possible before possibly engaging in a fight. Candies are purchased with in-game money and are accessible through running the /candy command in which presents the following GUI.

➮ Credits Store

As explained throughout the guide, certain extras can be purchased from the in-game credits store, such as Shards, Extra Backpack Slots and Extra Cells space. This is accessible through running the /credits store command in-game or you can visit the Credit Merchant which can be found at the spawn location.

Credits can be obtained by purchasing them on our store located at - or through winning in-game chat reactions.