Chat Rules
Posting comments in the chat purely to disrupt and spam it is considered spam. Things that come under this offence include, but are not limited to, posting song lyrics, posting 3+ similar messages within a short space of time, and posting 5+ similar messages in a longer period of time. Non-English chat is considered spam.
Inappropriate Content
Content that is not suitable for all types of audiences is considered inappropriate. Things that come under this offence include, but are not limited to, sexual references, durg references, and swearing.
Sensitive Subjects
Talking about polotics, personal opinions on sensitive subjects. A message doesn't necessarily have to be inappropriate to be punished for under this rule.
Light Advertisement
Name dropping competing servers, posting links to unrelated content, posting unsafe links such as, etc. is considered light advertising. Posting server IPs and attempting to take players away from the server does **not** come under this category.
Suicidal Remarks
Making any jokes or references regarding suicide are included in this rule, regardless of whether it was said to a friend or an unrelated user.
This rule includes but is not limited to racial and homophobic slurs or language that is used to disrespect someone in regards to a protected characteristic (groups of a certain ethnicity, gender, etc.).
Directly advertising another server by posting any relating links to it in chat. This includes, but not limited to, a server’s IP address, website address, Discord server link.
Gameplay Rules
Command Abuse
Using commands that you have access to for purposes they were not intended for.
Mute Evasion
Evading a mute punishment by attempting to communicate with other players in-game by using signs, changing nicknames, etc.
TP Trapping
Teleporting players under false pretenses or into traps is classed as teleport trapping.
IRL/Cross Server Trading
Trading in-game items for real-life items, such as money, or items on other servers. Trading in-game items for the server’s store packages is allowed.
Inappropriate Structures
Building any inappropriate structures on the server. Staff members will be able to check the block history for a certain location, so no "evidence" is required when reporting this, only the location of the build.
Bug Abuse
When a bug is found, it is the player’s responsibility to report the bug to a member of staff. Using the bug to your advantage to either, give you a competitive advantage or for fun falls under this rule.
Making changes to someone else's claim/island without the proper permission. This includes, but is not limited to, destruction of a claim/island and the stealing of items from someone's claim/island. If you are added as a member to a claim/island, it is assumed that you have permission to edit the land within reason (building a new house), even if the claim/island owner doesn't explicitly give you permission to do so. Creating claims next to other people's claims falls under this rule.
Making a deal and going through with a deal only to back out, putting someone else at a loss. Going through with a deal refers to when one party holds up its end of the deal. If at this point the other party doesn’t want to continue, the party holding up their end of the deal must be fully reimbursed (when possible). If it is not possible to reimburse the party, the deal must be followed through. I.e. cash can be reimbursed, but building cannot.
Unfair Advantage
The use of a hacked client, with or without any cheats activated, any blacklisted modification, or something that gives you an unfair advantage over other players. This rule includes, but is not limited to, hacks, auto clickers, macros, and xray.
Inappropriate IGN/Skin
Having an IGN that breaks any chat rules or a skin that has inappropriate images or words.
DDoS/IP Grabbing
Attempting to DDoS a player on the network. Attempting to grab a player’s IP by any means falls under this offence.
Releasing Personal Information
Releasing personal information of another player or blackmailing someone with personal information, regardless of whether said "information" exists. Sending any personal information, with or without the person's permission, with no context to any player, including the player, is included in this offence.
Attempting to duplicate items falls under this rule, even if unsuccessful.
Ban Evasion
Evading a ban by logging on to the server with another account.
Discord Rules
Discord TOS
All players that are in our discord are expected to follow the Discord TOS. This includes the age requirement to own a discord account (13+).
Ticket Misuse
Misusing the tickets system by constantly opening tickets when no help is required, using tickets to bypass a mute, abusing staff members within tickets will result in your permission to open a ticket being revoked.