Chat Rules
The chat function on MineAlong exists to facilitate collaboration and chat messages between players. Common forms of spam include talking in capital letters, posting multiple similar messages in short succession or sending messages which do not make any sense. This is not an exhaustive list and you may be in violation of our rules for sending any message which can be considered annoying. Using any language other than English is considered spam, as it prevents the flow of chat for most users. We welcome users from other locations but please talk using private channels.
Inappropriate Content
We aim for anything on MineAlong to be suitable for young children under limited supervision. Swearing and bad language, along with nudity, drugs and sexual content is part of Inappropriate Content. If you direct a rude message towards a player, it may be considered inappropriate without including any of the above list. False or insulting messages are considered inappropriate content.
Light Advertisement
Light advertisement is chatting (or using other methods of communication) a product, service or media that is not a direct competitor to MineAlong. For example, a social media page or car repair service. Advertising Minecraft servers which usually have over 10,000 players without the IP is also considered light advertisement. Talking about them is not considered advertisement provided it is not continuous.
Sensitive Subjects
For many users, our server is a place to have fun and chill out. For this reason, discussions about topics that cause conflict are not allowed. Our team will give you a warning provided you do not cause an argument.
Suicidal Endorsement
MineAlong does not believe that anyone should take their life, and believes that anyone having these thoughts should contact qualified support. Any chat messages surrounding this topic should be avoided due to the impact they could have on other people.
MineAlong recognises every person as equal regardless of their characteristics. To make the server enjoyable for everyone you should not exclude or insult someone based on age, disability, gender reassignment, maternity, race, regilion, belief, sex or sexual orientation.
Advertising is when you refer, link or give the IP to anyone for another server other than MineAlong. This includes links to websites and discords in addition to IPs.
Gameplay Rules
Command Abuse
Command Abuse is using the commands you have permission to use for any purpose other than intended. The reason we have this rule is that most players will use commands as they are intended, so you will receive an unfair advantage by using the command for other reasons.
Mute Evasion
Mute Evasion is typically using signs, but may include other methods, to talk to others on the server when you are muted. You cannot do this as you need to take the duration of the mute to reconsider why we have suspended your chat privileges.
TP Trapping
TP Trapping is when you teleport to someone and immediately kill them. It is cheating as most users will not be ready to fight when you arrive.
IRL/Cross-Server Trading
You cannot make trades for in-game items and in real life value (typically cash or money), nor trade in-game items for in-game items on another server. This is not allowed as it commonly results in scams which leads to one or more parties being upset.
Inappropriate Gameplay
Inappropriate Gameplay is when you are inappropriate outside the chat function. It includes anything that would get you muted in the chat, or for discrimination.
Bug Abuse
Bug Abuse is when you exploit errors in the server for your own advantage. When you find a bug, you should report it to server staff.
Feature Abuse
Feature Abuse is encouraging a user to use a command for its intended use, when they did not want to, or using a command for its intended use way more than most users would.
Griefing includes both ruining the aesthetic of the server or someone's creation and stealing resources from others when they did not want you to. We highly recommend storing items you do not want stolen in a /pv or your inventory to prevent disappointment.
Scamming is making an agreement with a player and not holding up your end of the trade. This is unfair as a player loses an item of value and receives nothing in return. MineAlong will not uphold agreements that have not been initiated.
Unfair Advantage
Unfair Advantages are any third party changes to your client which gives you an extra ability which the vanilla client does not have. If you are in doubt about whether you can use a client, please contact a staff member.
Inappropriate IGN
You cannot play on our server with an IGN which violates our Inappropriate Content or discrimination rules.
Inappropriate Skin
You cannot play on our server with a skin which violates our Inappropriate Content or discrimination rules.
DDoS/IP Grabbing
Threatening or actually executing a DDoS attack or IP grab puts players' security and ability to play at risk. All threats will be taken seriously by our team.
Releasing Personal Information
Personal Information generally has no place within MineAlong. Whether the information is true or false, you cannot share information which is likely to identify someone beyond their IGN. This includes real names where the player does not wish to share.
Abusing exploits or bugs to duplicate your items, money or credits gives you an unfair advantage. If you find a duplication exploit you should report it to Server Management as soon as you can.
Discord Rules
Discord Community Guidelines
On our discord server you must comply with at all times or you will be removed from our server.
Discord TOS
On our discord server you must comply with at all times or you will be removed from our server.